The newest, most innovative way to attract customers into your bar and make more informed decisions on who gets in.

What can Viper do for you?

User Insights

Imagine if you knew exactly who was in your bar on every night out. Viper will give businesses access to the night out habits of Viper customers and provide data on their favourite bars, favourite drinks as well as occupation details. This will help bolster your marketing strategy.

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Entice Customers

Viper users want bars to let them know if there are VIP upgrades available. We know this because the app allows customers to tell us when they're on a night out. Bars are then able to push notifications to a captured audience in a selected geographical area and drive footfall to their premises.

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Customise Upgrades

Whether you want to offer customers a drinks package, a VIP booth or simply a queue jump option, Viper's bespoke business software allows bars to enter their own exclusive upgrade options. Better yet, because the app works in real time, bars can easily change prices during peak / off-peak hours.

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Viper Dashboard

Key to Viper’s strategy is having the right businesses on board as well as the right customer-base. When you join the Viper network, you will get access to your very personalised Viper Dashboard. From this revolutionary tool, you will be able to add and remove offers in real-time, customise your bar profile and communicate with Viper users. To find out more and join Viper, contact us now.

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