World Cocktail Day!

May 13, 2018

With today, Sunday 13th May, being World Cocktail Day, we thought we'd give you the details of all the amazing cocktail packages we've got on our app, Viper Nights, for you to enjoy! All packages are available to purchase via the Viper Nights app, and if you need any help, don't hesitate to get in contact with us! 


Chilled location, hidden away in the midst of Deansgate - even has a balcony for you to sit outside on and enjoy your cocktails. 

Price: £20 

Package: Viper Cocktail Package - your pick of 4 cocktails! 

Cloud 23 

One of the most prestigious in Manchester and somewhere to enjoy your cocktails and the  iconic Manchester Skyline! 

Price: £20 

Package: Signature Cocktail Experience 

Price: £50 

Package: Signature Cocktail Flight 

The Living Room 

A hot spot for many of famous faces, and the place to go for your star treatment this World Cocktail Day. Fancy celebrating with a band? The Living Room is home to the legendary Porn Star Martini Cocktail Tree, a sure winner for World Cocktail Day! 

Price: £50 

Package: Porn Star Martini Cocktail Tree 

Wherever you go this World Cocktail Day, make sure you tag us on social media @Viper - there is really nothing we love more than a cocktail pic!