Welcome to Manchester, Freshers!

September 20, 2018

Manchester is about to be taken over by the next generation of Freshers, as we welcome the latest intake of university students to Manchester, as they set to make this beautiful city their home for the next few years.

Manchester has one of the biggest student populations in Europe, and with that comes some pretty good nightlife too - you'll never be short of a night out when in Manchester! But, with so many places to go, and a new deal thrown in your face every time you step foot on to Market Street, it can be pretty overwhelming being a fresher in a big city. But just how do you survive Freshers week? Will you end up with the dreaded Freshers Flu? (the answer is yes, you can not avoid it), and most importantly how do you make your loan last through the Freshers celebrations?

Our ultimate guide of Freshers Dos and Don'ts, or what we are now going to call your Bible of survival, will certainly keep you on track.


  • Arrive in plenty of time: make sure you move into your accommodation in plenty of time to get settled in. There is nothing worse than coming back from a night out to realise your duvet is still in that big cardboard box in the corner of your room. And, you don't want to miss any flat nights out!
  • Look for the best deals: If you know you don't like loud and packed nightclubs, don't force yourself to go! Look for the best deals for what you like, and find the freshers events that incorporate these! We've heard a Viper package always goes down well...
  • Keep in touch with your family: right, we'll be honest with you - your parents will be sat at home worrying about whether you've eaten, whether you've slept and whether you actually made it home last night. Just pop them a quick text to check in, you never know you might actually end up missing them!
  • Remember you actually go to uni: As much as 3 years of partying sounds ideal, you are at uni to actually go to uni - so make sure that you attend as many of your lectures as you can... we all miss a few here and there, right?
  • Socialise: Uni friends end up being lifelong friends, you've got the next 3 years of your life here after all so you really need to socialise to meet all the other crazy students you are going to be calling best friends in an Instagram post in a few weeks time!
  • Get Involved: Uni hosting a karaoke night for Freshers? Don't be boring and sit in the corner, get involved in everything that is thrown at you- you are only a fresher once!
  • Sign up to Viper: Obviously we are pretty biased, but we think our app is pretttttty good - and we have some really good deals on there that you can use with all your new uni friends.


  • Spend all your loan at once: as tempting as a full wardrobe update and that crazy night out sounds, don't spend your entire loan at once, otherwise, it's beans on toast until Christmas. There are so many freshers events across Manchester so make sure you take full advantage of these offers and save your money!
  • Try and Avoid Freshers Flu: There is no way you can avoid the dreaded Freshers Flu, in fact, it is much easier to accept your fate of having it, deal with it, and then get yourself back to reality. The more you try and avoid it, the less fun Freshers becomes!
  • Shop when your hungry: Now this one, is a big one. It's lethal. Shopping when hungry makes you spend 10x more money because you pick up everything that is on offer. Eat before you shop!
  • Peak too early in the week: Freshers week is BIG and you don't want to hit your peak too early in the week otherwise you're going to miss out on so many great fresher events. Know your limits and pace yourself, but of course, still, have fun!
  • Panic if you miss home: It is perfectly natural to miss home, so don't panic if you start to miss your family, yes, even your annoying younger siblings! Chances are, everyone will be missing home, so you're not alone!
  • Be the messy one: Shared accommodation is bad enough, especially when you're moving in with people you don't know. Don't be the messy one who leaves Monday nights pasta bake soaking for the next two weeks.

A Viper Package? Tell me more...

If you're new to the city, you might not have heard about us, so let us introduce ourselves. Here at Viper, we want everyone who uses the Viper app to have a night out to remember. We find the best bars and work closely with them to provide exclusive upgrade packages to take your night out to the next level. VIP? We've got it. Queue Jump? We've got it. The best part? Our packages come at a range of different prices, depending on venue location - so there really is something for you all. We've put our top pick packages for any student moving to Manchester below. Whether this is cocktails with your friends or more of a big Friday night out! Also, make sure you keep up to date and follow us on social media @Viper to see all our latest packages.


The word Bottomless is a magnet for freshers, and every Thursday from 5:30 pm Neighbourhood hosts their Not Going Home event which is £30 per person and includes:

- Bottomless Prosecco*

- Bottomless Cocktails*

- Bottomless Beer *

- 3 small plates

*all valid 90 minutes from the starting time of your booking.

The Living Room

Now, we are sure you have heard of the famous Pornstar Martini Cocktail Tree? Well, The Living Room is home to it. This is the perfect package to split between a few of you, priced at £75. Get to know your new flatmates over cocktails, and even better, impressive Pornstar Martini Cocktail Trees.

Pornstar Martini Package - £75

- 9 Pornstar Martinis

- Bottle of Prosecco

- Booth for 2 hours

10 Cocktails - £60

- Any 10 cocktails for £60

- Booth for 2 hours

Revolucion De Cuba

No waiting around here, the only way is to queue jump!

Guestlist Package - £25

- 3 x Cocktails

- Entry and Queue Jump

Lazy Lizard

Need the Ibizian vibes? Lazy Lizard is the place to go. And you just have to do it in style, don't you?

Dance Floor Table - £100

- Entry & Queue Jump for 4 guests

- 1 bottle of house spirit and mixer (excluding Red Bull)

- Table for up to 4 guests

If you're a fresher reading this, good luck... and if you're a worried friend or relative, just give them a quick tag on our social media posts @viper and get them to read the dos and dont's. Freshers of 2018, you've got this!