Voom Pitch 2018!

April 06, 2018

What is Voom Pitch? 

Voom Pitch is a chance for small and larger businesses is the UK and Ireland to pitch in a public vote to be put forward to pitch in front of Sir Richard Branson, all with the hope of winning a share of £1million in prizes, and insane exposure! And personally, we think that Richard would LOVE Viper just as much as we do! 

How do I vote Viper? 

Fancy being a complete legend and voting for us? Well, the good news is, that it is so easy to vote! 

Click here and you will be taken to our pitch, where you then vote for us via your Facebook or LinkedIn Log in details! 

If you vote for us, thank you! We appreciate it!! Let us know if you've voted for us by dropping us a quick tweet @Viper