Viper Set to Revolutionise the Nightlife Industry

June 21, 2017

British summertime is here and that means one thing to us here at Viper.

Early finishes at work to socialise with friends on amazing roof terraces while sipping refreshing cocktails. It's a way of life all Brits should adhere to during the usually short-lived UK sunny climate. 

But the sun isn't the only bit of excitement set to reveal itself to the UK in 2017. Our cross platform mobile app is going to revolutionise the way bar-goers behave on a night out. 

Never before has a night-out app understood the needs of its customers and businesses more than Viper. 

Whether a customer is looking to upgrade to VIP, order drinks packages or skip queues, Viper knows that its customers want to do this while on their night out and not have to plan ahead. They don't have time to plan, they have to be spontaneous. 

Every customer we have spoken to have previous experience of being stood in a bar and wondering why there are certain individuals gaining entry to the VIP area. Or, they have stood at the back of a queue outside a bar and seen people walk straight to the front and get in. 

Viper is the platform that bridges the gap in nightlife knowledge to turn everyone into VIPs or socialites. 

Our customers want to know that when stuck in a queue for a bar, there are other options available to them and not have to wonder around aimlessly, at the risk of not finding anywhere to go and ending the night early. 

They also want to be able to convince a bar that they are a respectable loyal customer that has visited their premises before. 

Viper lets bar-goers do all this and more.

To find out more, head to our homepage at and enter your details to pre-register for the mobile app download.