VIP... the way it should be!

January 23, 2018

You know all the annoying parts about going on nights out? Waiting in line outside, hoping the door staff are friendly enough to let you pass and then once you're in you've got to fight for the bar staff's attention!

Well, with Viper you can avoid ALL THAT! 

We're all about that VIP edge ensuring you have the best night out possible. Whether that is arranging an area just for you in the middle of a crowded bar or club with a designated server on hand or even just your drinks ready and waiting, you and your friends can simply party the night away without the hassle.

With our packages you can also skip the queue and get straight into what you're out on the night out for in the first place! Simply browse through the variety of venues and events that we offer around the city, select the package that suits you, choose your date and you're away. It's really as simple as that.  

What's more, there's no need for that cash scramble either! When you're buying the chosen package you can split the cost with your friends so before you even arrive at the venue thats all taken care of. Nobody needs that awkward "you still owe me money" conversation now, do they?

So stop waiting for that sketchy promoter to text you back and download the Viper app today!