Valentine's Day go to bars for the ultimate Insta worthy mate date

February 07, 2018

With Valentine's Day fast approaching social media is covered with couples planning their cute evenings out, but sometimes you singletons get forgotten about! Not to worry, here at Viper, we will never forget you! We've put together a list of our 5 favourite places for a mate date, which just so happen to be incredible for Instagram pictures. Go for a mate date, take loads of Insta pictures, have a few drinks, and your social media will be popping! We've got you! 


A personal favourite of most Manchester-based social media influencers, and why? This absolute statement of a phrase on the wall. We can't think of a more bold, more fitting statement to post to your Insta this Valentines Day during your epic mate date. The moment you step into Neighbourhood your inner Instagram influencer will come to life, and you will need all of that storage on your phone. 


This is arguably one of Manchester's well known Insta worthy places - the amount of Insta's that this bathtub must be on! But can you blame them? The colours are perfect to add that bit of pop into your Insta to get the attention of anyone scrolling down their feed! You better get there fast though, this photo prime spot is always in huge demand! 

Dirty Martini 

Have you got your Angel Wings yet? Yes, Dirty Martini is THE place where you can get your Angel Wings photo to post all over every social media account you own, because who doesn't love an Angel Wing photo? Dirty Martini also have some pretty great packages on our app, so you may as well get a few drinks while you're there, right?


Everyone who is anyone has been to Mahiki, or if not been, at least heard of it. If you've not been, hello what have you been doing? You have no excuse now that Manchester has our very own Mahiki, no more travelling to London for that Mahiki Insta pic! Whether it's a picture of the legendary Mahiki Treasure Chest, or the incredible interior decor, whatever you take a picture of on your mate date at Mahiki you will have like worthy content ready to upload! 

Cloud 23 

A mate date with a view? Cocktails? and the opportunity for hundreds of Insta pics? Cloud 23 is the place for you! Overlooking the beautiful city, and 23 floors up in the prestigious Hilton Hotel, you will have the perfect view to take pictures of and with! 

Have we missed a goldmine Insta pic location? Here at Viper, we are all about that perfect Insta pic so let us know on social @viper because we'd hate to miss out!