Upgrade Your Night With The Click of a Button

October 31, 2017

Back in the day, we’d begrudgingly wake up on a Sunday morning (afternoon) with that sinking feeling in our guts as we opened our online banking to analyse last night's damage.

Thanks to our exclusive money-saving upgrades through Viper, that feeling is a thing of the past (the dread, not the hangover, unfortunately.) Gone are the days of repeating “what's the plan?” in the group chat. Thanks to our app, it’s effortless to transform your night into an unforgettable one in just a few clicks.

Making a plan couldn’t be simpler. Choose your venue, pick your package, and show your password to the bar to redeem; it really is that simple. We round up the top five reasons you should download the app right now.

Take your pick of Manchester’s best locations

With an overwhelming number of bars in Manchester, deciding on where to go can be an arduous task. With most of the centres best bars on board, you can see them all in one place as a list, or on the map feature. We cut out the hard parts of decision making by telling you the important stuff; it’s opening times, what kind of bar it is, their drink speciality, and how to get there.

Split the bill

We all have that one mate who turns into a mathematical genius as soon as the bill comes right? Those awkward moments spent bumbling around who owes what are a thing of the past with our straightforward “split the bill” function. Simply connect with your friends Facebook profiles through the Viper Nights app, share the deal, redeem it, and enjoy.

Skip the queue

Manchester. Famous for Coronation Street, Oasis, Marks & Spencers, Rolls Royce, and...rain. We live in a city that is wet more often than it is dry. Not very enjoyable when you're standing in a queue; especially as winter is almost upon us. Instead, book ahead on the app and walk straight into your favourite bar. You could even style it out by having your drinks waiting for you at your own private table. Now there's an idea.

Get more for your money

Thanks to the great relationships we have with our partner clubs and bars, you can expect exclusive offers across the hottest venues you won't find anywhere else. From individual drinks to great deals on VIP packages, it is a no-brainer to book your drinks through Viper.

Spend your night with your friends, not at the bar

Just like the Uber app, Viper stores your card details allowing you to book your desired package straight through your phone. Instead of bumbling around town trying to find a cash point, or wasting your night trying to get the bartender's attention, why not have your chosen package brought to you? You won't miss out on the jokes, and your group gets to enjoy the bar you’re in to the full! Everyone's a winner.

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t already, 

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