The Trading Floor Launch

October 27, 2018

Clear Wednesday nights for the future, because there’s only one place you’re going to want to be. Wednesdays in Manchester have just got 100000 times better, as we launch our weekly event at Impossible.

This Wednesday saw us launch The Trading Floor - a night out with an exciting difference. The price of your drinks are controlled by the stock market - a pretty fun concept, especially a few hours into the night when you’ve all had one too many! The most popular drinks rise in cost, while the others dropping in price, ultimately leading to a market ‘crash’ periodically throughout the evening - the moment that everyone by the bar waits for...

You have to be quick though! As you enjoy your night, keep an eye on the screens which tell you how much the drinks currently are, then when your chosen drink is going down in price that is your time to shine. Get to the bar, and fast, and stock up on the drinks while the price is low!

In partnership with Kuro Gin and Jagermeister we introduced this new night to Manchester, with our VIP filled launch party where guests were wowed with performances from Femme Fatale and spent the night watching the stock markets to get the best deals. Sound like your kind of night? The Trading Floor is going to be held every Wednesday night at Impossible - so don’t worry if you missed it, there’s plenty more to come!

Were you at the launch? Why not head over to our Facebook page to see all the pictures from our launch, and tag yourself to let all your friends know you were there!

All that’s left for us to say is... see you on Wednesday!