Viper Coming to Manchester Soon...

June 18, 2017

We are extremely excited to introduce a new mobile app set to take the UK's nightlife industry by storm. 

Viper is a cross-platform application designed to take everyone's night out to the next level, ensuring you finish your night feeling like you've had a great experience. 

The app uses innovative design and the latest tech to allow customers and bars to interact in real-time. 

Whether a customer is looking to upgrade to VIP, order drinks packages or simply skip the queues, Viper lets you do this in real-time, from the palm of your hand. 

And what's in it for businesses? They will be able to send notifications to bar-goers in the nearby area, giving them the ability to promote their drinks packages, featured nights or specialist cocktails. 

The app is set to launch mid-July and already has some of the best bars in Manchester on board, including The Living Room, Grand Pacific, Manchester House, Alchemist, Menagerie and Bijou Club. 

To find out more or to pre-register your interest in downloading the app, please head to the homepage of and enter your details into our entry form. 

Alternatively you can follow our journey on social media using our handle @viper on Instagram or Twitter.