Impossible: New cocktail launch!

November 19, 2018

Stop what you’re doing! This Wednesday, we’ve got something pretty special going on at our weekly event, The Trading Floor.

Impossible are launching 35 new cocktails, and if you join us 6pm to 8pm this Wednesday (21st!) you can be one of the first people to sample them! The best thing? You can try some of them for free! What’s more to want on a Wednesday night? That’ll certainly cure our hump day blues!

The Trading Floor: What is it?

Every Wednesday night, starting at 6pm, we take over Impossible for a night of The Trading Floor.

The price of your drinks, is controlled by the stock market. The most popular drinks rise in cost as they continue to be bought, while the others drop in price. The result? A stock market crash, and trust us, you’ll want to be by the bar for that!

Sound like a bit of you? Join us this Wednesday for The Trading Floor, and make sure you get there nice and early to sample some of our favourites from Impossibles new cocktail menu launch!