Intern Opportunities

January 24, 2018

What do we want from our interns?  Make a real impact!

We are currently still a small team with an all hands on deck approach as we seek to make real headway - typical startup life! But what our interns do has real impact and can literally determine whether or not we succeed. This can be scary for some people, and a welcoming challenge for others. We hope that you think the latter! 

We're setting out to effectively change an industry. Remember a time before Uber? A time when there was no and you had to go into an actual travel agent? Thought so. We are basically doing that for the nightlife world. It’s an industry yet to fully embrace app technology and we want to be the UK's industry leader for nightlife bookings and beyond! 

Making people’s lives easier and adding more excitement: We give our users access to some of the best venues in Manchester and want that to grow further quickly. We take all the hassle out of getting into and enjoying the city's great bars and clubs. It’s less time waiting in line for a doorman to say yes or no, less time at a bar etc and more time enjoying the night out with that VIP edge. 

We are an app that make great headway in the industry and make money for all our bars in the process: how good does that sound? 

We know that it seems like everyone is building an app looking for that next big thing but we think that we've found something here. There's a business model in place and a strategy to grow, grow, grow whilst making money in the process.

Who wants to be part of our exciting journey?

We need people with skills in:

 - Marketing

 - Events

 - Graphic Design

-  Web Design

 - App Development

What's more, we're also looking for some key individuals who can join us as Brand Ambassadors! If this is up your street get more info here.

If you think you have what it takes join us, want to gain real experience and add to the team, get in touch today - - and tell us what you're interested in.  We'll just need a little bit of info around what experience you have so we can gauge suitability.

Let's make a difference together!