Hassle-Free Drinks For Your Staff This Christmas

November 13, 2017

It’s Thursday 21st December 2017. You’re sat at your work desk in your “Merry Christmas you filthy animals” jumper eagerly anticipating your festive early finish. Absentmindedly you twiddle the phone cord as you listen to yet another dial tone of a client closed down for the week. Hanging up, you begrudgingly unsuccessfully attempt to call the next office.

Fast forward a few hours to the “office Christmas party.” You and your colleagues awkwardly gather around the same office desks you’ve worked at for the last 45 weeks. You nibble at the cocktail sausages and wash them down with bucks fizz before a quick “thanks for your hard work this year” bids you goodbye until January.

Sound like fun? We didn’t think so either.

Almost a third of UK based businesses (a whopping 32.3%) do not have a Christmas party for their employees. After an entire year grafting within the same four walls, the Christmas party is a fantastic way to allow your hard workers to loosen their ties, let their hair down, and feel appreciated for their efforts.

Often, managers feel their teams are too small to book a large venue and so avoid making plans. With only six weekends left before Christmas, now is an excellent time to start considering how to give back to your team. We have the perfect solution for you.

It has never been easier to book a table to upgrade your night and make it that little bit extra special. With exclusive packages that allow your team to avoid the brisk winter breeze by skipping the queue, look no further when it comes to arranging your Christmas gathering.

With the app, you can access private book booths to celebrate in style; creating a memorable evening (for the right reasons) without breaking the bank.

Download the app now to choose from our range of packages and take the stress out of planning your Christmas drinks.