Hangover Cures... Rated!

November 12, 2018

So, you’re back here again. Last night was a big one and now you’re wallowing in self pity looking for anyone who will give you sympathy. You can’t remember what you did last night but, you are willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of this pain. We aren’t wrong are we?

Here at Team Viper, we’ve got you. We’ve put together our top hangover cures (which we totally rate btw) to help you become human once again!

Painkillers - a pretty obvious choice to defeat the dreaded hangover headache, just make sure if you’re going to use the lemonade from the side to take it with, that it hasn’t still got last nights vodka in!

Lucozade - they’re designed to replace sugars and salts lost, and give you energy. A little more of a boost than water!

Eat - now, hear us out. Eating might be the last thing your stomach wants to hear right now, but, it will help you on your journey to becoming human again. Feeling reaaaaaally tender? Keep it simple with dry foods like crackers and bread before you attempt that greasy fry up!

Netflix - distract yourself! Who says you can’t watch an entire series in one day? Not us! In fact, we challenge you to it! Put your focus on something else, rather than complaining that you are in fact dying and it’s the end of the world.

Sleep - sleeping it off can do wonders! There is nothing a good nap can’t fix!

Diva it out - If you really do have to leave your house today, just channel your inner Beyoncé and whack the sunglasses on to protect those sensitive eyes of yours!

Stay hydrated - you’re probably fed up of people telling you to drink water, but it really does do the trick.

Shower - now, this might be a daunting one. Actually getting up, walking to the bathroom, getting in the shower, showering, getting out again, and then walking back. In fact, sounds like a bit of a mission. But, we promise once you’ve had a shower (not too hot otherwise you’ll feel even sicker) you’ll start to feel that little bit better!

Laugh about last night - that picture that you’ve just been tagged in? Don’t spend your day regretting it, laugh it off!

If you’re hungover and you’ve got to the end of this, you are well on your way to becoming human again. Let us know what your top hangover cures are via our social media’s @viper.