Everyone Loves A Cocktail Tree!

January 17, 2019

Picture this: you’re doing your hourly Instagram scroll and you see on someone’s Instagram a Cocktail Tree. Jealous? Intrigued? Sudden urge to go out out? The Living Room are pretty well known for their Cocktail Trees, and we’ve got 4 Cocktail Tree packages with them for you to take your pick from!

Grey Goose Gold - £175

Probably one of the most well known Cocktail Trees at The Living Room is the one included in this package, the Pornstar Martini Tree. If you haven’t seen one before, where have you been?

Package Includes:

- Pornstar Martini Tree containing 9 Pornstar Martinis.

- A bottle of Grey Goose Vodka.

- Unlimited mixer.

- Booth for 3 hours

Candy Floss Tree - £55

Have you got more of a sweet tooth? The Candy Floss Tree is perfect for all you sweet toothed people out there!

Package Includes:

- 9 Cranberry Candy Cocktails, displayed in a Cocktail Tree with Candy Floss.

- Booth for 2 hours.

The Gin Tree - £55

Gin Lovers, fear not! You’re not to be left out, in fact, you have TWO Cocktail Trees to pick from. The standard Gin Tree, or the Pink Gin Tree - a tough decision we’ll give you that!
Package Includes:
- 9 Gins: 3 Tanqueray gins with Fever Tree slimline tonic and lime wedge, 3 Tanqueray Rangpur gins with Fever Tree elderflower garnished with lime and mint and 3 Tanqueray Sevilla with Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic and garnished with Orange and mint.
- Booth for 2 hours.

Pink Gin Tree - £75

- Booth for up to 6 people.

- Pink Gin Tree.

Now we don’t know about you, but after that, we reeeeeeaaally fancy a Cocktail Tree! Remember to tag us in any social posts @viper because we’d love to see which Cocktail Trees you’re all loving! All the packages are available on the Viper app.