10 Ways To Stay Motivated Working From Home

June 12, 2020

The idea of working from home sounded amazing at first, and when lockdown started working from home was the new normal for many people. But, now we're getting further and further into lockdown, staying motivated while you're working from home can be pretty tricky... especially with all the distractions! So, that's why we have put together our top 10 tips to help you stay on track and to get your motivation back.

1. Plan Your Day/Week

It really helps to give yourself some structure to follow and to make yourself a working schedule. Look at your workload for that week (or even day if you can't plan your week in advance!) and break it down into more manageable amounts setting deadlines for yourself, and making sure you stay on track rather than watching an entire series on Netlfix and then having to rush through your work in the evening.

2. Give Yourself a break

Just like you would in your normal working environement, take a break. Allocate yourself your lunch break, and completely change your setting while eating your lunch. Give yourself that time to have a chance to rest and recharge. Working from home, in some cases, might not be the comfiest and most practical, so give yourself regular five-minute breaks, stand up, stretch out and have a quick walk round - could even step outside for a breath of fresh air!

3. Get Up and Dressed

Even if you're not having to video call customers or people you work with, it is worth getting yourself up and dressed. Now, we aren't saying to sit on your sofa in your best working suits, but, don't lounge about in bed and try and work from your bed. Give yourself some normality, get up, washed, dressed, and change of scenery from your bedroom to your working space.

4. Create a nice working space

Your working space is where you are going to be spending a lot of time, so you want to make your space as comfortable and motivating as possible. Set yourself up a dedicated working area complete with everything you need to work from home.

5. Talk To people

Working from home can be quite a lonely thing and you can miss being in the company of your colleagues. Send them a message, check-in on them. It doesn't take long to send a message to someone just to see how they are, and how their day is going - and you never know just how happy a simple message could make someone.

6. Reward Yourself

One of the perks of working from home is that you can pretty much do whatever you want, whenever you want. As long as you balance it well with productivity and discipline. Treat yourself, maybe for the last hour of your working day put the TV on in the background and have something on there to watch while you work, that is of course if you're not in virtual meetings!

7. Set Rules with the people you live with

There's nothing more annoying (and high key embarrassing) then when you're on a virtual meeting and a family member walks in wearing their pyjamas and just awkwardly stands there. If you live with other people it is worth just having a chat with them and letting them know if you have an important meeting, call, or if you just really need to be left alone for a certain amount of time.

8. You Time

When working from home it is quite tempting to carry on past your hours with the thought process of, oh I'll just finish this one last thing. And suddenly, it's 1am and you've been working all night. Once you've finished work, shut off for the evening. Do something you love to do, even if it is just sitting on the sofa watching TV with a glass of wine. This is your time to relax so make sure you do!

9. Take Advantage of being at home

Although you want to stay motivated, you can now take advantage of being at home. Music helps lots of people keep on track and be productive, but sometimes in a working space it isn't appropriate. But, while you're in your house no one can tell you to turn your music off... well besides the people you live with.

10. Limit Social Media usage

Without being in your normal working space it can be very tempting to just keep quickly checking social media to see what everyone is doing... don't. When you check you'll see everyone who isn't working from home enjoying the sun, having bbq's, chilling, getting up late etc, and seeing that will get you down and jealous and could impact your productivity.

We hope these 10 tips will help you to continue to stay motivated while working from home, keep it up you're smashing it! How are you staying motivated? Let us know on our social medias @Viper.