10 reasons why you should go out tonight

October 12, 2018

Finally... it’s Friday! The start of the weekend, and the start of celebrating everything and anything that is even slightly worthy. We really don’t need an excuse to go out! But, are you a bit more on the fence? We know this weather is miserable, but we’ve got 10 reasons why you should go out tonight rather than staying in on your sofa, and they’re pretttttttty persuasive.

1. Inside jokes: you reeeeeally don’t want to miss any inside jokes, come Saturday when the group chat starts up, you’re going to feel lost when they all start referencing something from when they were out.

2. Netflix: you’ve probably already watched all the latest series on Netflix, surely that’s a sign you need to go out?

3. Reward yourself: it’s Friday! You deserve a reward for getting through this week, and by reward we mean going out and having a good night, not watching the latest episode of Riverdale...

4. You’ll never be as young as you are now : #fact. You’ll never be this young again, so you may as well go out!

5. Show off your dance moves: we can guarantee you, your dance moves look 100 times better in the club than they do around your kitchen.

6. Change the scenery: you’ve got to be fed up of sitting on your sofa by now, right? It’s healthy to have a change of scenery, so you may as well make it to the bar!

7. Human interaction: we all need it! Eventually, your dog, yeah the little cutie in the corner staring at you, well they are going to get fed up of you in their space, give them a break from the social media photo shoot you do every night with them!

8. “The party don’t start till I walk in”: and you know it! Repeat it, live it, breathe it.

9. It’s Friday: Like the famously catchy song says, it’s Friday, gotta get down on Friday.

10. Viper Packages: if all the above isn’t enough to get you moving, head over to the Viper app and check out our latest packages... you won’t be able to resist!

Have we convinced you yet? Yes? Good! We’ll see you on the dance floor! Your friend being a bit of a grump? Share this post with them and when you’re out tonight having the best time, we’ll take the credit for that one!