10 reasons to have a cocktail today

May 13, 2019

Today, 13th May, is World Cocktail Day - a day which we can certainly get behind. In honour of such a day, we are giving you 10 pretty solid and persuasive reasons why you should have a cocktail today.... you’re welcome!

1. It’s the 13th May - like we said it’s World Cocktail Day, do you even need to read the other 9 reasons?

2. Happy Monday! - start your week the right way, with a cocktail in your hand!

3. You’ll miss out - you don’t want to miss out on all the World Cocktail Day posts on Instagram, do you?

4. Research - having a cocktail today is research for what drinks you want to drink this weekend...

5. The Weather - it’s pretty decent weather today, so you may as well celebrate with a cocktail!

6. Regret - come tomorrow when everyone has posted pictures of their cocktails, you’ll be full of regret you missed out!

7. Boomerang - your Instagram hasn’t seen the cheers boomerang in at least 12 hours... give the people what they want!

8. Netflix - Netflix will still be there tomorrow, your series isn’t going anywhere, but you may as well go for cocktails...

9. Treat yourself - come on, you deserve a treat, right?

10. Viper Packages - we’ve got some pretty appealing cocktail packages on our app, download the Viper app, take a look, pick your package, and celebrate in style!

If you’ve got this far and you don’t have a cocktail in your hand, what (and we can’t stress this enough) are you playing at?!

Check out all our packages on the Viper App, and make sure to tag us on social @viper - we love a cheers boomerang!